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Simply make your own colloidal silver.

A fully automatic silver generator for creating colloidal or ionic silver-, gold- and other metal-suspensions, for both beginners and professionals - starting at 199€.


What is

colloidal silver?

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known to mankind for thousands of years. In the meantime forgotten and initially meaningless after the discovery of the antibiotic, colloidal silver - a suspension of silver ions or colloids and water - is now back in the focus of health-conscious people.


Not least because of the increasing resistance to antibiotics of certain germs. The colloidal silver is seen by experienced naturopaths and in the field of alternative medicine as a healthy alternative to antibiotics.


How it works

Pour distilled water into a glass vessel. Select the desired ppm concentration and, if necessary, amount of water and place the device on the vessel with the silver electrodes first. Press the start button and lean back.


The silvergenerator automatically switches to idle mode after the electrolysis has ended. The device dynamically calculates the individual duration of the production depending on the conductivity of the water, its temperature and the actual current flowing.

The features in the overview

to use

Simple and intuitive operation thanks to the click wheel and display


Up to 8 times more power than conventional devices



The software enables fully automatic production without prior knowledge


Wiping the

Electrodes not required during electrolysis

Automatic shutdown

after reaching the desired concentration


The device

The goSilver Plus offers the option of connecting 4 electrodes for even faster production. The software automatically detects the number of electrode pairs used and calculates the manufacturing time accordingly.


Thanks to its practical USB-C connection, the goSilver Plus can be operated with a power bank or, for example, in a camping bus with a USB adapter. A small internal power plant always provides 40 volts electrode voltage.


A safety test before the manufacturing process guarantees that the electrolysis can only be carried out with pure, distilled water.


And since sustainability is important to us, the housing is made of certified bio-plastic.




Water test


at a glance

The intelligent software controls all processes and our TRUEppm® technology dynamically calculates the exact production time of your desired concentration.

Thanks to the display, you can always see the status of the manufacturing process. In addition, voltage and current values can be monitored in expert mode if you are interested.


The illustration serves to illustrate the display functions

and does not represent the actual speed of manufacture.

*When producing with constant 90°C heated water, please read the note on production variants and ppm.

Why you should choose our product



Ionic Pulser








Typ 3910

Simple and intuitive usage

Display und Clickwheel

Software controlled (TRUEppm technology)

Not necessary to wipe the electrodes

Some products

It is not necessary to determine the production time yourself using a table and a stopwatch

Elektronischer Wassertest

Anzeige für Restzeit der Herstellung

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Included in

the package


Order, receive, get started. The set includes a pair of goSilver silver electrodes wide (99.99%, 2.7 x 120mm, 14.4g), a pair of adapters, mini screwdrivers, power supply unit and detailed operating instructions.


We recommend distilled water 'Ampuwa'

(Not included in the delivery.)


What our customers say about us



I cannot imagine that there is a device that is more reliable and easier to use. Only goSilver can do that! A great device, I am extremely satisfied and thank the developers.


Karin N.

Many Thanks!


It can not get easier. Simply let large quantities of high concentrations run overnight and then decant in the morning. I am very impressed with your product. 3 year guarantee and excellent support. Many Thanks!


Nico G.

A great device!


A great device, I am very satisfied. It's very easy, the goSilver calculates the right time for production and switches itself off. Get beautiful KS with no mud or discoloration.


Maria H.

Ratings taken from the goSilver Facebook page.


About us

As a career changer and electronics and software developer, we determined four years ago after a market analysis that there is an urgent need to catch up in the area of our own production of colloidal silver.


With the devices currently on the market, production is manual, laborious and imprecise. A stop watch is necessary, the production time has to be determined from a table, the electrodes have to be wiped off cyclically and you must not miss the end of production.


Our mission was to develop a fully automatic and software-controlled device, which is suitable for professionals as well as for beginners thanks to its user-friendliness and which enables the production of colloidal silver even without prior knowledge.

Book recommendation

'Colloidal silver: This is how you can get rid of ailments effectively and without side effects with the natural remedy'

Burkhardt Richter

& Hermann Kovács

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