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More than 3000 happy customers

Easily make colloidal
silver yourself

A fully automatic silver generator for the production of  colloidal or ionic silver suspension, both for beginners and professionals.

Worldwide shipping • 30 day return policy • 3 year warranty

Einstellung des Silbergenerator GoSilver Plus via Clickwheel und Display


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GoSilver® Plus – The easiest to use colloidal silver generator on the market

The leading silver generator GoSilver® Plus was designed for easy handling and full control over the colloidal silver production process. Simply select the desired ppm concentration and the amount of water and start the process.

The device dynamically calculates the production time based on the conductivity of the water, the current flow of electricity and other relevant factors. After a successful electrolysis process, the production ends automatically.

The option to connect up to 4 electrodes allows for even faster manufacturing. Before the manufacturing process begins, a safety test ensures that electrolysis can only be carried out with pure, distilled water.

Easy handling

Fully automatic

Intelligent software

Fast production

Water safety test

Polarity change

Bundle with 1 pair of silver electrodes • 30 day return policy • 3 year guarantee

How it work's

Step 1

Destilliertes Wasser in 500ml Labor Glasgefäß

Pour distilled water into a glass vessel

Step 2

Silberelektroden in die Buchsen des Geräts stecken

Insert silver electrodes into the sockets

Step 3

Konzentration und Wassermenge via Clickwheel und Display einstellen

Select concentration and amount of water

Step 4

Silbergenerator GoSilver Plus während des Herstellungsprozesses

Press the start button and lean back

Why you should choose the GoSilver® Plus

GoSilver Plus
Ionic Pulser Pro3
Idealpulser Basic S

Einfache und intuitive Bedienung durch Display und Clickwheel

Vollautomatisch und Software gesteuert

Anzeige für Restzeit der Herstellung

Elektronischer Wassertest

Kein Abwischen der Elektroden während der Herstellung nötig

Kein Ermitteln der Herstellungszeit durch Tabelle und Stoppuhr nötig





Comparsion as of December 2023

Produktfoto Anordnung mit allen Komponenten

Start straight away with the complete bundle

Order, receive, get started. Included in the set are:


  • GoSilver® Plus silver generator

  • 1 pair of silver electrodes wide (99.99% silver content)

  • Electrode adapter and screwdriver

  • USB-C power supply

  • operation manual

Worldwide shipping • 30 day return policy • 3 year warranty

Fröhliche und gesunde Frau mit Wasserglas in der Hand

Colloidal silver as a natural support for a healthy life

The antibacterial effects of silver have been known to humanity for thousands of years. Forgotten in the meantime and initially rendered meaningless after the discovery of the antibiotic, colloidal silver - a suspension of silver ions or colloids and water - is now once again becoming the focus of health-conscious people.

Support of the immune system

Oral hygiene

Water purification

Wound care

Skin care

Respiratory Health

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