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The tool for making colloidal silver.

A fully automatic silver generator for creating colloidal or ionic silver suspension, for both beginners and professionals.

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What is

Colloidal Silver?

It's that easy

The antibacterial effect of silver has been known to mankind for thousands of years. In the meantime forgotten and initially meaningless after the discovery of the antibiotic, colloidal silver - a suspension of silver ions or colloids and water - is now back in the focus of health-conscious people. Not least because of the increasing resistance to antibiotics of certain germs.

The colloidal silver is seen by experienced naturopaths and in the field of alternative medicine as a healthy alternative to antibiotics.

Pour distilled water into a glass vessel. Select the desired ppm concentration and, if necessary, amount of water and place the device on the vessel with the silver electrodes first. Press the start button and lean back. The device automatically switches to idle mode after the electrolysis has ended.

The goSilver is the only device with TRUE ppm ® technology on the market. The device dynamically calculates the individual duration of the production depending on the conductivity of the water, its temperature and the actual current flowing. Other influencing factors are also taken into account.

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TRUE ppm ©


Current measurement every second guarantees precise silver deposition

Up to 8x more


compared to conventional devices

(with goSilver Plus 8)

Polarity change

Wiping the

Electrodes not required during electrolysis

Easy handling

to understand intuitively

Predefined software


Software programs stored in the microprocessor enable fully automatic production without prior knowledge

Automatic shutdown

after reaching the set concentration

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goSilver ®Plus

from € 249

VAT included.


With the option of connecting up to 4 pairs of electrodes

(only with goSilver Plus 8)

Up to 8x faster

Electrolysis time

Suitable for beginners and professional use

Here to the plus detail page

goSilver ®Basic

from 179, - €

VAT included.

Delivery date on request

Please register for a delivery date in the newsletter.

For beginners and advanced users

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The complex electronics

controls all processes

gosilver, basic, silbergenerator, ionic, pulser, maximus, werner kühni, colloidal, silver, herstellen,

Constant current source

Output socket for connection

of external accessories

Beeper at

Termination of electrolysis

Start button

ppm selection button

Polarity change diode

Microprocessor to control all processes

Selector switch to select the

Amount of water (extra charge)

Example based on goSilver Basic

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Karin Napp

"I can't imagine that there is a device that is more reliable and easier to use. Only goSilver can do that! A great device, I am extremely satisfied and thank the developers!"

Book recommendation


'Colloidal silver: This is how you can get rid of ailments effectively and without side effects with the natural remedy'from

Burkhardt Richter & Hermann Kovács

Available from Amazon

Leopold Zemliczka

"Easy and quick. For the uncomplicated production of colloidal silver."

The team

We are a team of electronics engineers, software developers, communication designers and graduated scientists.

All innovations are based on many years of experience in the development of electronic devices and know-how acquired in the USA for the development of integrated circuits.

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